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In 2019, three young professionals put their heads together on how they could contribute to India’s development sector. All three had a specialisation in public policy, but had chosen different career paths – public sector advisory, government services and political consulting. Bringing these varied skillsets together, they set up Pragma Development Advisors, or PragmaDev.

PragmaDev is a Bengaluru based boutique research and policy consulting firm. We support social enterprises with a bundle of development consulting services to aid their tireless efforts in addressing our most pressing development challenges.

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Our Team

Our Vision

To catalyse social change and contribute to inclusive & sustainable development, by empowering individuals, institutions and organizations in the development sector


Our Mission

  • To support initiatives and create change-makers in the development sector with expertise from the domains of public policy, governance and development.

  • To address policy problems and development challenges using data-informed decision making and an approach grounded in promoting human development.

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