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Regulating and Setting a Vision for EdTech in India

EdTech, or Education Technology, is a rapidly growing sector that has huge scope for transforming the education landscape in the country. Growing consumer complaints of unfair and unethical practices however, have kept the industry in the spotlight.

Education is a public good, that has implications for social mobility and national growth. Therefore, there is a need to regulate the industry, to promote quality standards and promote consumer interests. However, regulation must also tread lightly, to ensure that it does not negatively affect innovation and investments.

Moreover, EdTech has the potential to improve education outcomes manifold, and plug critical gaps in India's public education landscape. This needs a broader strategic vision.

Anirudh Chakradhar recently wrote an article for India Development Review, where he details the need for regulation, and how the prevailing situation offers us an opportunity to move beyond a purely regulatory outlook, to a broader strategic policy framework to leverage the power of EdTech. He also thinks out loud about what this policy framework could look like.

Read the full article here.


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